It's the Wimbledon final we all want to see!

(As imagined for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface and David Schneider.)


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  • The "come on!"

  • The "close shave"

  • The "nooooo!"

  • The "cho-choo train"

  • The "fingers crossed"

  • The "you cannot be serious"

  • The "catching some rays"

  • The "sh**"

  • The "uh-oh"

  • The "screw you, doubters!"

  • The "oh yes"

  • The "you idiot!"

  • The "I am Andy, here me roar"

  • The "are you listening, God?"

  • The "thank f***"

  • The "get in!"

  • The "I need a shave"

  • The "you can do it!"

  • The "little kid"

  • The "smile of champions"

  • The "doh!"

  • The "take that"

  • The "how do clothes work?"

  • The "are you talkin' to me?"

  • The "athlete"