Jennifer Metcalfe's unretouched pictures are a far cry from the bad old days when leaked 'real' pictures of a celebrity's photoshoot showed exactly what bits of fat had been hoovered up by photoshop. The Hollyoaks star appears in the latest issue of Heat magazine, and the shoot has not had the benefit of airbrushing. Not that you can tell - she looks stunning and way more confident than we would have been if we had to pose in such a tiny pair of underpants.

The star said: "I think it’s important to give the message that this is my real body and I’m proud of it. I feel proud of my curves, my lumps and bumps. It’s what my mama gave me!"

jennifer metcalfe

If real women featured more in magazines (and by that we mean celebrities who aren't hyper-airbrushed), we may stop holding ourselves up to such a high standard of body image.

HuffPost UK blogger Jan Shure wrote about magazines and their portrayal for women, saying: " Somewhere between the hyper-thin, digitally enhanced images with which we are constantly bombarded, and the reality of most women's bodies which do - despite the gym, massage brushes and the surgeon's knife - have cellulite, bumps and curves, there is a happy medium.

"It is called "Real Women". And if more women, especially celebrities and models, were shown as they actually look as opposed to how the industry wishes to portray them after digital enhancement, the notion of perfection might just fade away."


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Jennifer added: “I haven’t weighed myself, but the booty’s kicking out, my boobs have gone up a couple of sizes and I’m looking a bit cuddlier. I quite like it. I know I can be very good with my diet and exercise, so when I decide I want a slimmer look, I’ll do it.”

Hopefully this will pave the way for more stars to embrace posing for a photoshoot without the aid of Photoshop, and more importantly that magazines will do more of this than it being a 'rare' occurrence.

The full interview and more pictures appear in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).

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