Katie Hopkins' Most Controversial Quotes: From Ginger Babies To The Obese, The World According To The Former 'Apprentice' Candidate

08/07/2013 13:03 | Updated 11 July 2013

Don't think it's just children's names being linked to class and not employing the obese that rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins has an opinion about. Oh no.

As well as encouraging alcoholic Paul Gascoigne to 'crack on' with drinking, the former 'Apprentice' candidate is also more than happy to let us all know what she thinks of ginger babies ('like a baby, just so much harder to love'), being a self-proclaimed snob ('an honest snob is better than a lying fool') and the immobile ('I find mobility scooter owners intolerable').

Yep, if you thought she had a lot to say during that 'This Morning' appearance, you ain't heard nothing yet...

Katie Hopkins' Most Controversial Quotes

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