A new pair of headphones which use solar panels to charge your mobile phone have launched on Kickstarter.

The OnBeat Solar Headphones are designed to be a new way to charge your mobile device while on the move.

They incorporate rechargeable batteries and a full headband solar panel to keep your phone or tablet topped up with power.

The headphones have now launched on the website Kickstarter, looking for £200,000 to develop full prototypes and go into production by early 2014.


Profiled on the BBC on Tuesday, the project's leader Andrew Anderson said he is still working to improve the headphones - and admitted his father had come up with the idea.

"It's really simple - you would think it had already been done," he said.

"You can buy solar chargers for phones but the thing is it's like you're carrying two phones around."

On the Kickstarter Anderson added:

"The solar cell has a surface area of 55cm3 with a charge capacity of approximately 0.55W. The energy is stored in two light-weight Lithium Ion batteries held within the two ear cups for a balanced weight and fit on the head. For those rainy days we have also developed the headphones to be able to be charged via USB directly from your computer or mains socket.

From the offset we not only wanted to develop a product to keep your devices going all day, but a product that would give you a superb sound from low range for bass, mid-range for precision DJ'ing and high range for vocal and acoustic excellence. The headphones also have an integrated remote for controlling the volume of the music in your ears."

So far the campaign has raised less than £10,000 by promising a number of rewards for early adopters, including a pair of the headphones and limited edition extras.

They admit there may be "complications", however ("Manufacturing a product is a complicated process, we have tried to consider every eventuality in order to get this product ready for manufacture...") but say they will work to keep the final product as close to the original design as possible. If you're convinced, donate via the link above.

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