'Yes, You're Sexist' Twitter Account Kicks Misogyny In The Balls

09/07/2013 15:07

"If you start a sentence with 'I'm not sexist, but...' you're probably sexist" is the message from the Yes, You're Sexist (@Yes_YoureSexist) Twitter account.

And HuffPost UK Lifestyle are inclined to agree.

Currently at 1,914 followers (and counting), Yes, You're Sexist clearly states that retweets are not endorsements.

So think of them more as the whistleblowers of misogyny.

If you start a sentence with "I'm not sexist but.." or similar, you will be named and shamed for the entire Twittersphere to enjoy.

Here is an example of some tweets:

Sadly, it's not the first time that abhorrent sexism has been showcased on Twitter this week.

Following Marion Bartoli's Wimbledon victory on Saturday, many took to social media not to congratulate her but hurl insults.

Unsurprisingly, Andy Murray did not receive the same treatment.

Everyday Sexism captured a selection of the nasty tweets and broadcast them.

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