Sorry, everyone. It's not here. It's not on the horizon. Freeman is anything but.

Despite the rumours, Half-Life 3 doesn't yet exist.

Yes, like Duke Nukem Forever, Team Fortress 2 and Spore before it, Valve's supposed/mythical/probably inevitable sci-fi FPS is stuck in some kind of development limbo. It's presumed to exist, somewhere, and is tantalisingly real in the heads of dedicated believers. But in the real world? Not a headcrab sausage.

However, that hasn't stopped numerous Half-Life fans taking to their favourite animation programs, machinima engines or even real life video cameras in an attempt to knock up a trailer. In one or too-few cases, their work is almost good enough to temporarily sate demand for a new installment. Unfortunately, they aren't all that great.

We've pulled together the best six we could find, and the truth is that at least three of them are almost unwatchable.

Still, we recommend you take a look - at the very least it might remind you why you want to play this game in the first place.

And there's always Gamescom...

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  • This Russian-made trailer is confusing, upsetting and doesn't have that much to do with Half-Life so much as we can tell. But it's pretty evocative none-the-less...

  • This is really little more than a cool flickery intro with a strange voice-over. But it's quite believable, as far as it goes.

  • If your dream of Half-Life 3 was to have Gordon Freeman walking in endless ice fields, for no very good reason, here's what you've been waiting for: a trailer showing exactly that.

  • Want a confusing video where the word Borealis is repeated over and over? Here you go!

  • Another Russian-made video which really not very much going on at all. Sigh.

  • Spanish trailer, made in Gmod, not good.