A Million Lights: Cheryl Cole Attempts To Bring Cornrows Back From 2003

11/07/2013 19:23 | Updated 22 May 2015

Who? Cheryl Cole

What? Chezza kicked of her debut solo tour, A Million Lights, in Belfast last night. The show included a pyramid, Girls Aloud songs and a video duet with But this is not our concern. Our minds are focused on Cheryl's style choices (or at least her stylist's choices) for this momentous occasion. We've already covered the Cleopatra-meets-construction-worker-in-the-1960s gold boiler suit in some detail. So let's move onto the hair.

cheryl cole cornrows

There are cornrows - a look that Cheryl experimented with back in 2003.

Admittedly the result is not as distressing as this:

cheryl cole

Or even this:

cheryl cole

But like Ashley, dry ice and Extreme Colour-Blocking, we firmly believe that cornrows are probably best left in the past for Cheryl.

See Cheryl's style evolution here:

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