Carol Vorderman Shows Off Casual Vorderclobber And Enthusiastic Vordercurls, Vordergosh

18/12/2017 03:50 GMT

carol vorderman

Carol Vorderman was spotted leaving the ITV Vorderstudios (after taping today's Loose Vorderwomen). She was wearing some tight fitting Vorderdenim, a Vordertee and the most cubic feet of Vordercurls we've seen on one Vorderbonce in a long time.


In other Vordernews, these pictures provide some extra insight in terms of the "What's in the massive Vorderbag?" speculation in which we were previously indulging:

There's at least one Vorderjacket.

In Vorderlemon.

But let's return our attention to the Vordercurls for a moment. The Vordervolume is reminding us of the bouffant hairdo which saw Cheryl Cole part company from the US X Factor (it was clearly the fault of the hairdo, don't even try to persuade us otherwise).

It is also reminding us of Vorderwildlife, specifically the Vorderlion.


carol vorderman