David Beckham In His Pants Projected Onto The White Cliffs Of Dover. What Would Vera Lynn Say?

13/12/2017 13:28 GMT

All together now!

"There'll be David Beckham over, the white cliffs of Dover...."

david beckham

He is just a man of giving our David. Not only has he provided us with posters and billboards of his half-naked self all over the world, the footballer has gone bigger and better.

To continue promoting the David Beckham Bodywear range for H&M, giant images of Mr Beckham (in his pants) were projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover.

What a welcoming sight. Thank you H&M!

We have no doubt that this will be trending on Twitter in no time. #beckhamsbriefsofdover

See more of David in his style evolution below: