Fashion Priest Vs Fergie's Chanel Glove

18/12/2017 09:46 GMT


What on earth has the Fergalicious one been doing? Well, on Wednesday night she was at the Elle and Sundance Channel party in West Hollywood wearing a pair of fingerless Chanel gloves. Opinions? Fashion Priest has some...

"What a seriously unfortunate way to start my Thursday. After all of the chic ensembles that filled my last week, this is a tragic reminder that sadly life isn't a catwalk for everyone. Especially poor ol' Ferg. This 'biker girl gone good' look she's pedalling [HAH! - Ed] here doesn't work for me. I'm certain this is not the fate that Lagerfeld had in mind for these fingerless gloves when he gave them life. (*Flagellates furiously*)"