Hopping Mad! Cara Delevingne And Sienna Miller Show Off Their Easter Bunny Style

17/12/2017 06:44 GMT

We're more used to seeing them strutting down catwalks or lighting up the Big Screen, but Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller decided to ditch the glam for Easter - and release their inner bunnies, instead.

Cara first tweeted a pic of herself wearing a bunny 'suit', floppy ears included, and wrote: "Easter takeover!! Happy Easter my love bunnies!x"


Then she met up with fellow Brit-in-New-York Sienna, who also joined in the carrot-munching and silly hat-wearing.

cara sienna

Cara wrote: "Happy Easter from me and Sienna! Snoysters for life! X."

What a couple of cool Easter chicks...

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