How NOT To Do Printed Trousers By Ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton

11/07/2013 20:39 | Updated 22 May 2015

Wearing printed trousers can be a bit tricky. They can't be too garish (unless you're Solange Knowles, in which case you can basically do what you want) and they must be a very particular cut to look chic.

Don't go pairing them with anything too fancy either - keeping it simple on top is imperative to avoid that I-tried-really-bloody-hard look.

natasha hamilton

Which is why Natasha Hamilton's orange and black leopard print cigarette pants + beaded shirt + statement pearls ensemble for This Morning was all wrong.

It's busy, it's confusing, it's too much all at once *is struck down by fashion headache, falls dramatically to the floor*.

Was the outfit right? No. But the blow out? OMG, love it. That ex-Atomic Kitten's sure got talented tresses.

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