Is That Really Necessary? Rita Ora Books Into The Toughest Detox Bootcamp EVER

15/12/2017 14:35 GMT

For some unknown reason pop starlet Rita Ora has been spending time at the world's toughest fat camp. The 22-year-old recently checked into the Viva Mayr clinic aka the home of gruelling detoxes, in Austria, spending £1,500-a-night for the privilege.

As well as taking regular doses of diuretic Epsom salts, Reets knocked back magnesium powder in warm water four times a day, exercised like a nutter and nibbled teeny tiny portions of healthy, organic rabbit food.

rita ora detox bootcamp

A source told The Mirror, "It's the most opulent weight-loss and detox clinic in the world, and pretty hardcore."

Fair enough, but why did totes in-shape Rita feel the need to check in? "Rita wants to get in perfect shape for the summer and her forthcoming promo appearances," said the source.

"This was a last-ditch, and extreme, measure. Following a detailed examination and fitness test, she was given a rigid diet-and-exercise regime, with a few deep-tissue massages thrown in for good measure.

"The food is mainly boiled potatoes and broths, and guests are taught to savour their food by chewing it a minimum of 30 times per mouthful." Er, that sounds enjoyable.

The insider added, "The progamme set for Rita was designed to be a blueprint for the rest of her life, helping her keep on the straight and narrow."

Gee whizz, anyone else feel a Gwyneth Paltrow moment coming on?

Not sure about you lot but MyDaily's idea of a detox stays well and truly in our bathroom cabinet not the fridge...