Is This A Trend? Kim Kardashian Wears Kanye West's Initials On Her Wedding Finger

11/07/2013 20:01 | Updated 22 May 2015

Kim Kardashian has posted an Instagram snap of her wearing gold Kanye West initials on her wedding finger. Shocker.

So - is she starting a clad yourself with personalised bling to shout out your beau/baby daddy trend or is this a hint that a KK proposal is on the way?


First things first, Kim needs to fast track her divorce from Kris Humphries post that short-lived 72 day marriage. Until the annulment battle is over, we won't be seeing her walk down the aisle with Kanye - baby in arms.

The latest on the divorce front is that Kim is speeding up the process by claiming that her unborn baby is being put under health risks. Oh dear, get the lady a way out.

Take a look through our gallery on Kim and Kanye below:

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