Katie Holmes Wears 'Bruised' Eye Makeup To New York Fashion Week

11/07/2013 19:16 | Updated 22 May 2015

Who? Katie Holmes

What? Yesterday we berated Avril Levigne's pre-New York Fashion Week show snooze on/in her makeup bag. But today we're trying to make sense of what Katie Holmes was thinking with this look. Her low-lighted brow bone makes it look exactly like Ms Holmes has a shiner. Which we're assuming is not the look she was aiming for when she sat f-row at fashion week. The only reasonable exploration that we can think of is that she's hoping to get a role as an extra on Casualty or Holby City.

Where? At the Lincoln Center, with her fashion collaborator Jeanne Yang.

Scroll below to see what we mean...

Here's Katie from a distance:

katie holmes new york fashion week

And here's Katie up close:

katie holmes new york fashion week

See Katie's style evolution here:


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