Kelly Brook Films New Movie, Does That Explain The Beret And Neckscarf?

14/12/2017 23:19 GMT

Hey look it's Kelly Brook on the set of her new film doing loads of weird stuff like strangling a bloke and wearing a beret. We know what you're thinking, "Since when is Kelly Brook in a film?" We know right? Shock horror.

The model and TV personality was spotted shooting scenes for the upcoming flick, Taking Stock, looking a little less glamorous than usual, but clearly having a whale of a time.

kelly brook pictures

Looking a little bit like a headmistress-cum-French librarian in a grey pencil skirt and pink kitted t-shirt, tamed with a little black beret and neckscarf, Kells was papped pulling an odd face and giving the thumbs up to someone out of shot.

AND then she was seen strangling a costar... and it was all a bit bizarre.

kelly brook pictures

Well at least it makes a change from seeing her stomping that very same bit of pavement over and over and over again in a peplum dress matched with Louboutins and a Chanel handbag...