Kim Kardashian Wears Little Black Bodycon To Film TV Show, But Where's Her Bump?

24/11/2017 07:34 GMT

BREAKING NEWS KLAXON! Kim Kardashian is still refusing to pull on a pair of maternity jeans and give into the bump. The reality star slipped into a skin-tight, super-short embellished bodycon to film an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians AND put some petrol in her tank - multitasking to the max.

kim kardashian black boycon

Although a figure-hugging LBD and Louboutin stiletto boots doesn't exactly scream easy breezy maternity wear, maybe we're being too harsh on KK because her baby belly is still pretty teeny (even though she's FIVE months pregnant *confused face*).

What d'you make of KK's bumpin' style? Hot or not?