Nicki Minaj Ditches Pink Latex For Tiered Meringue Dress At Fragrance Launch

11/07/2013 19:41 | Updated 22 May 2015

Who? Nicki Minaj

What? Although Nicki's fashion sense may at times err on the questionable (ridiculous) side, at least she never let's us down. Do you reckon she ever wears jeans and a plain tee?

We're always excited when Nicki's been pictured, because we know our eyes are in for a visual treat. At the Aussie launch of her new fragrance Pink Friday, Miss Minaj kicked her latex-wearing ways to the curb and slipped into patchwork meringue instead.

Where? Sydney, Australia


Verdict? Part circus tent, part homemade quilt... part costume from an Elizabethan drama, Nicki had head's turning as per usual. We can't see ourselves fashioning a frock out of granny's bed linin à la Nicki, but we guess she pulls it off, right?

For more outrageous pics of Nicki check out the gallery below, she's worn a fair few style crackers.


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