PICS: Holly Willoughby's Sultry Mad Men-Inspired Photoshoot

16/12/2017 11:51 GMT

holly willoughby

The advertising campaign for Holly Willoughby's latest collection for has a distinctly saucy office vixen vibe.

The Autumn/Winter outfits combined with Holly's figure and some bouffant hairstyling reminded us more than a little of Mad Men's Joan Holloway - and we're thinking that must have been the intention given Holly seems to be playing some sort of secretarial role surrounded by retro props.

holly willoughby

Although we're not entirely sure why she is forlornly cradling an appointments diary in that top picture. Also that typewriter/desk/chair setup looks like an ergonomic disaster area - she'll be having all manner of shoulder pain before you know it.

holly willoughby

What do you think of Holly's new range? Will you be buying?