Spritz! Cherry In The Air By Escada

11/07/2013 20:39 | Updated 22 May 2015

Escada's Cherry In The Air is for sweet young things. It's a summer scent FULL of fruity, marshmallowy notes. There's cherry - of course - but definite tones of raspberry, mandarin and vanilla too.

This perfume is for carefree girls who like to pedal through the park, own a tiara and live for pink.


Seventeen and dying to impress your latest crush? Cherry In The Air is for you. Spritz clouds of the scent over you and your girlfriends and go dancing in a blossomy haze. It matches pretty prom dresses, pastel brogues and flowing beautiful hair.

The bright pink, cherry-print bottle complete with satin bow detail is one that would sit proudly on a girly-girl's immaculate dressing table (where only her favourites are on show) and p.s - the bow can also be worn as ring too. Cute.

Cherry in the Air is £35



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