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The &Pound;500 Shirt That Gives You An Illusion Hairy Chest

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Illusion clothing aims to give the wearer something they covet via the power of visual trickery - a slimmer waist, a more pronounced bust, even a perter bottom. Roberto Cavalli is clearly bored with this traditional physical wishlist and has decided that his woman would prefer a Burt Reynolds-adjacent hairy chest instead.

roberto cavalli shirt

As such we have this raucous silk shirt featuring an on-trend floral print with a rather baffling golden section reminiscent of a blonde chest wig. And the good news (for the hirsute-hankering readers) is that the shirt has been reduced from £745 to £521.50. Bargain!

What do you think? Are we seeing things that aren't there? After all, we have this inspirational cardboard cutout on our desk...

burt reynolds

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