The Queen's 3D Glasses Are Swarovski Embellished (Of Course They Are)

11/07/2013 19:48 | Updated 22 May 2015

The Queen has recorded her Christmas message in 3D for the first time. While this news will make playing the Queen's speech drinking game all the more fun, team MyDaily is also pretty jealous of Her Majesty's very own, personalised, 3D specs. Obviously, they were customised by her couturier Angela Kelly and of course they have been embellished with a Swarovski studded 'Q' on the side of the frames.


Well played.


For a reminder of how to play the not-so-serious Queen's speech game, take a look below:

---- Disclaimer ----

Drinking alcohol is optional

Playing this game is optional

Merriment is optional

Minstrels and Pringles are optional

Watching the Queen's speech is optional

Christmas is optional

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