Victoria Beckham Shows Her Bookish Side For Interview Magazine

20/11/2017 04:43 GMT

Who: Victoria Beckham
Where: The June/July issue of Interview Germany.
What: Mrs B lounges about in her knickers on the grass and opens up about her infamous pouty pose: "I can't be bothered when people are mocking about me always looking so stern. They really believe I'm like that. And when I see these photos, I feel the same way. I look at them and think: "Oh gosh, you moody cow."
Bonus info: Victoria is reading EM Forster's The Longest Journey, which according to Amazon is about a failed novelist who marries "beautiful but shallow Agnes, agreeing to abandon his writing... giving up his hopes and values for those of the conventional world, he sinks into a world of petty conformity and bitter disappointments." Read into that what you will...

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