Victoria Beckham Takes Harper On A Shopping Trip In Oversized LBD And Lace-Up Heels

23/11/2017 07:49 GMT

Who? Victoria and Harper Seven Beckham


What? Baby Harper must be well and truly practised in the art of shopping by now. She was spotted with her mum in New York yesterday, on a visit to VB's favourite designer boutiques. Harper looked adorable as always in a floral print dress and suede ankle boots, while Victoria opted for an unusual style choice - an oversized little black dress paired with lace-up wedge ankle boots. So, does this mean her skintight bodycon days over?


Where? New York, 23 October

Verdict? Let us know how you rate VB's latest shopping style and see more of the star in her fashion evolution below:

Find out the latest on VB in this video: