What's Lucy Mecklenburgh Doing Without Any Actual Clothes On?

20/11/2017 23:04 GMT

Oh look it's Lucy Mecklenburgh in next to no clothes! Okay, okay so we're used to seeing The Only Way Is Essex star scantily clad but this is a step further than we're used to.

Although there's no doubt Lucy looked totes amaze (and clearly stuck to that whole "no carbs before marbs" thing), we're not sure we'll be strutting down the high street in a skimpy white one piece. Then again, give us that Louis Vuitton tote to accessorise with and we might just change our minds.

lucy mecklenburgh

Also, if there's one place you can get away with this little clothing it's gotta be Marbella where Luce and the rest of the TOWIE possy are currently filming.

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