Which Date Look Works Best? Katy Perry And John Mayer Play It Cool For Birthday Celebrations

11/12/2017 02:14 GMT

It was double bubble birthday celebrations for John Mayer and girlfriend Katy Perry yesterday, who were spotted enjoying a lunch date and a dinner date in New York. Still, if you can't splurge on your birthday...

The couple's dress code was no muss no fuss for lunch: jeans, jumper, hat and shades, which in Katy's case translated to another A-list example of Invisible Man style. While lunch was a casual affair, the two dressed up for their evening celebrations - or at least Katy did. The singer glammed up in pretty floral dress, yellow wedges and bag but John simply added a shirt and bow tie to smarten up his look. We think that the birthday boy played it a little too cool with the jean jacket though. And John, you could have changed into your dancing shoes - these are the same scuffed pair from earlier!


katy perry

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