It's summer in the UK - and, perhaps unusually, it's also hot. So what better way to cope than retreat into the misty summers of your youth, and buy a small arsenal of water guns?

And while you can rest assured that classic guns like the Super Soaker 50 (left) which started it all are still available, the range and potential power of water pistols has increased massively in recent years.

From military-esque home-use water cannons, to high-pressure cleaning rifles, the water arms race has spiralled wonderfully out of control since you last picked up a Nerf water gun and committed your first H2O-based atrocities.

We've collected our nine favourite high-and-low-tech water guns for your delectation below.

We suggest picking some of these up right away - with two or three more weeks of hot sun forecast at least, you're going to need to raise your game.

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  • Classic Super Soaker 50

    The original that started it all. The Super Soaker 50 was introduced (believe it or not) all the way back in 1989. It was brought back as special edition 20th anniversary version a few years ago.

  • Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast Water Gun

    The modern descendent of the 50, this has the advantage of firing wildly in a number of directions meaning your opponent is in for a close-quarters drenching. <a href="" target="_blank">£25.49</a>

  • The Colossus

    The new kid on the block it the Colossus which with its superb range and accuracy give the Super Soaker brand a run for their money. <a href="" target="_blank">£14.96</a>

  • AK47 Aqua Fire Water Pistol

    Sometimes what you really need is a fully licensed AK-47 replica for that authentic military experience. This gun is motorised meaning no pumping required. <a href="" target="_blank">£12.49</a>

  • Monster Water Cannon

    If you simply can't find a gun with a water reservoir big enough then this is for you. This hooks directly to a hose meaning unlimited firepower at a hell of a rate. <a href="" target="_blank">£26.50</a>

  • Xploderz

    Blurring the lines between water pistols and paintball guns, the Xploderz range fires water pellets meaning higher accuracy and a huge fire rate. <a href="" target="_blank">£17.17</a>

  • Python

    Sometimes water fights has a more serious edge. Like when you're fighting squirrels. And what do you need? A fully computerised automatic "garden militarisation".

  • Pressure Washer

    It doesn't get much higher pressured than this. Enough power to strip paint means it's probably no the best idea to aim it at someone's face... £91.99

  • JetLev

    Ok, so it's technically not a gun but this just shows what is capable using high pressure jets of water... at a cost. From £45,000