We've already asked around for the best CV-making, LinkedIn profile-building and cover letter-writing tips, so next up is how to make the most of your work experience once you've got there.

And, as the government's just announced their new scheme to get young people into work experience, then it's pretty likely you'll end up doing a stint at some point.

If you've got a better tip, give us a tweet or comment below and we'll add it in.


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  • Research the company before you go

    Make sure you know who's the top dog, what the company does, it's aims and values, and who its customers are.

  • Make the coffee..

    ..With a smile Yes it's boring, menial and not what you want to do as a living, but it's a good way to get in the good books

  • Introduce yourself

    To everyone and anyone - you never know who you need to know...

  • Keep track of any stories you've written

    Cut them out, or print them out if they're online so you can keep them for your portfolio

  • Use your initiative

    Don't look bored. Try to help out and come up with suggestions and ideas. Employers will be impressed if you show initiative and self-motivation

  • Ask questions

    Don't be afraid! It's a great chance to pick people's brains and it shows you're interested

  • Write everything down

    Keep a list of tips, advice, names, email addresses - you'll never know when they come in handy

  • Ask for contacts

    Your employers may be able to put you in touch with someone else to do work experience with. There's no harm in asking

  • Ask if there are any jobs going

    If not, they can always keep your CV on file and hopefully you've made a good impression so they'll remember you for all the right reasons

  • Write a thank you note

    It's something they can keep on their desk and it will jig their memory if any suitable job positions come up. And, if you're feeling flush, a bottle of wine never goes amiss either.


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