A 'human slingshot' made of 100 square feet of spandex is either the best or worst toy you could inflict on your friends this summer.

Essentially a big rubber band, the aim is to propel yourself and three friends in a constant, terrifying dance around the garden.

The key, its makers remind potential purchasers, is to always move right. If you do, you should avoid any catastrophic collisions with your friends.

They explain:

"To begin, you form a square. One pair then runs toward each other (always passing to the right) until they reach the other side of the square. As they hit the fabric, they rotate their bodies 180 degrees and lean their backs into the fabric wall. Their force slingshots the other team across the square!

Repeat this crisscrossing action until someone decides to "exit" the square."

They also insist that it's not dangerous - well, not unless you decide to make it dangerous:

"Just like a car, it's only dangerous if you hit someone else. And just like driving a car, as long as you stay on your side of the "street" inside The Human Slingshot, you'll be fine!"

Take a look, above.

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