So a new royal life is about to enter the world - but what can Prince/Princess Yettobenamed learn from the lives of previous royal babies? Here are 12 essential lessons...

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  • 1. Corgis will be keeping an eye on you from birth.

  • 2. You may quickly get bored of all the media attention.

  • 3. Your parents may dress you like a girl, even if you're a boy. Just ask Prince Charles.

  • 4. Alternatively, they will dress you like one of the Von Trapp children.

  • 5. You may be upstaged by a younger sibling who will go on to compete in the Olympics.

  • 6. But don't worry - you can in turn upstage a younger sibling with your superior waving skills.

  • 7. Your christening gown will be the most enormous piece of clothing you will ever wear.

  • 8. Those things pointing at you are paparazzi cameras. You will get used to them.

  • 9. That said, it may take you a while to work out where those cameras are.

  • 10. From a young age, you will be diverted by non-serious pursuits, such as rattles, diamond shopping and foxhunting.

  • 11. Holidays will involve picnics in the grounds of your small country house.

  • 12. You will mainly be looked after by other people.