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Lake County, Florida Explosions Reported At Blue Rhino Gas Plant (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

Joanna Zelman | 30 July 2013 | Green
Explosions at a gas plant in Lake County, Fla., were reported on Monday night. The series of fiery blasts began in the town of Tavares around 11 p.m. at Blue Rhino, a company that describes itself as "America's #1 propane tank exchange brand." There...

Jon Lovitz: 'Family Guy' Borrowed Full Scenes From 'The Critic' (VIDEO)

John Stephens | 30 July 2013 | HuffPost Live 321
Saturday Night Live veteran Jon Lovitz, beloved by audiences for the TV shows "NewsRadio" and "The Critic," joined HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski in studio to discuss his new vodcast "Lovitz or Leavitz." During the interview, Lovitz said that the Seth MacFarlane animated comedy "Family Guy" borrowed "full scenes" from...

Katy Perry's 'Prism': Singer Reveals Expected Album Title And Release Date On Gold Truck

Madeline Boardman | 5 September 2013 | Entertainment
Katy Perry surprised fans on Monday evening when a gold truck began cruising Los Angeles with the words "Katy Perry • Prism • 10-22-13" printed on its side. The advertisement is likely the first announcement of Perry's upcoming third studio album. Take a look at a photo of the truck...

Pakistan Prison Break: More Than 250 Inmates Freed After Taliban Militants Attack Jail In Northwest

Kavitha A. Davidson | 28 September 2013 | World
DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — Pakistani lawmakers elected a textiles magnate Tuesday to be the next president of a country plagued by Islamic extremism, only hours after Taliban militants launched a mass prison break freeing hundreds of inmates. The attack highlighted one of the major challenges that Mamnoon Hussain will...

UK 'Losing War Against Cyber Crime'

Ned Simons | 30 July 2013 | UK Politics
The UK is losing the war against internet crime, an influential group of MPs has warned. Despite being the preferred target of online criminals in 25 countries, the UK is still "complacent" towards e-crime as victims are "hidden in cyberspace", the Home Affairs Select Committee said. The group of MPs...

Claire Perry, Tory MP And Online Advisor To David Cameron, Reveals Extent Of Twitter Abuse

Paul Vale | 28 September 2013 | UK Politics
Tory MP Claire Perry, who has been advising David Cameron on measures to tackle the spread of extreme pornography and child abuse on the internet, has revealed the extent of the abuse she had received from Twitter users. The Devizes MP wrote: "I am tempted to shut down my Twitter...

The Ten Best Staff Perks In UK Businesses

Asa Bennett | 29 July 2013 | UK
If you thought your 25 days of annual leave and extended lunch hours were luxurious, think again. UK bosses are starting to shower their staff with some truly generous perks, including unlimited leave and free house cleaning. Many British start-ups like online developers Geckoboard, HR consultancy Inbucon and gig listings...

Pat Robertson On Transgender Community: 'I Don't Think There's Any Sin Associated With That'

Cavan Sieczkowski | 30 July 2013 | Religion
Pat Robertson has said a lot of shocking things, but his latest comment about the transgender community might be the most surprising yet. The 83-year-old televangelist sat down on Sunday for the "Bring It Online" advice portion of his Christian Broadcasting Network show, "The 700 Club." A viewer named David...

Wall Flip Trick Shot Off Telephone Pole Is Incredible (VIDEO)

Sara Gates | 29 July 2013 | Sports
As soon as one basketball trick shot makes waves online, it seems the Internet always has to one-up itself. In the latest incredible shot, posted in a video Monday, an acrobatic basketball player crosses the court and performs a wall flip trick shot off a telephone...

Coffin At Richard III Burial Site Contains Second Chamber, Stumping Archaeologists (PHOTOS)

Sara Gates | 29 July 2013 | Science
Archaeologists in the U.K. were surprised this week when they opened a stone coffin at the Grey Friars site in Leicester where King Richard III was buried. While they may have expected to find ancient remains, what they uncovered was a smaller coffin nested inside. The eight-man team...

Teresa And Joe Giudice Charged With Fraud In 39-Count Indictment (UPDATE)

Cavan Sieczkowski | 30 July 2013 | Celebrity
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" couple Teresa and Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice have been indicted on federal charges of bank and bankruptcy fraud, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. The Giudices were charged Monday in a 39-count indictment with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud,...

Weather: Flash Floods Leave Parts Of Todmorden Under Water As Return To Heatwave Forecast

Alistair Topical | 30 July 2013 | UK
Torrential rain and flash flooding has caused major problems in a small town in West Yorkshire. Parts of the market town of Todmorden are currently under one and half feet of water with some roads left impassable. This follows a day of severe rain across the UK with heavy, slow...

Jennifer Aniston Shows Lots Of Leg In Short Shorts On Set In New York

Cavan Sieczkowski | 29 July 2013 | Celebrity
Jennifer Aniston continued her New York City leg show on Monday while en route to the set of her new flick, "Squirrels to Nuts." Aniston looked gorgeous in a pair of short cutoff shorts, a loose striped T-shirt and her favorite wedge sandals. The 44-year-old has been...

Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' Review: Singer's Latest Album Is Charming And Sexy

Madeline Boardman | 28 September 2013 | Entertainment
Robin Thicke, "Blurred Lines" (Interscope) Robin Thicke is having quite a moment.

Arianna Huffington: 'The Third Revolution Is To Change The World That Men Have Designed'

Poorna Bell | 28 September 2013 | UK Lifestyle
Arianna Huffington is warm, motherly, convivial. Given her reputation as a ruthless opportunist, frequently described as 'the most upwardly mobile Greek since Icarus', this is something of a shock.

2 Trains Collide In Switzerland

Ryan Craggs | 29 July 2013 | World
Agence France Presse reports that two trains have collided in Switzerland: #BREAKING Two trains collide in Switzerland, several injured— Agence France-Presse (@AFP) July 29, 2013 Reporter Geoffrey Hulsens captured an image of the crash: #BREAKING : Two trains collided near the...

Arsenal's Lukas Podolski Parodies Alan Partridge's A-Ha (VIDEO)

Tahira Mirza | 29 July 2013 | UK Sport
It's fair to say when you spend so much time with teammates on tour there's bound to be certain quirks you notice. Lukas Podolski is the chosen one in this case. The Arsenal forward seems to have made a big impression on his colleagues by picking up the bizarre habit of saying "A-Ha" completely randomly… Yes, just like the legendary Alan Partridge. But is it merely a case of #accidentalPartridge? Kieran Gibbs & Laurent Koscielny giving it a go Podolski's A-Ha even slips into his scene snapping See Arsenal's Asia tour in pictures below...

Fiona Apple Tour, 'Anything We Want: An Evening With Fiona Apple & Blake Mills,' Announced

Madeline Boardman | 29 July 2013 | Entertainment
Fiona Apple is hitting the road. The 35-year-old singer announced Monday that she will tour this fall with musician Blake Mills. The duo is calling the tour "Anything We Want: An Evening with Fiona Apple & Blake Mills." "We know it’ll be something special, and we aren’t...

Backstreet Boys' 'In a World Like This' Review: Boy Band Bores On Latest Album

Madeline Boardman | 28 September 2013 | Entertainment
Backstreet Boys, "In a World Like This" (K-BAHN, BMG) Backstreet's back, all right!

Vince Cable Attacks Government's £3,000 Migrant Bond Plan

Asa Bennett | 30 July 2013 | UK Politics
Vince Cable has launched a fierce attack on government plans to make some overseas visitors pay a £3,000 bond to visit the UK as it sends the “wrong message” about Britain. The revelation comes less than 48 hours after the LibDem business secretary attacked the government’s pilot poster...
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