Navigate your way through the comedy behemoth that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with our round-up of the critics' choices (so far)...

The recommended comedy picks of unofficial Edinburgh Festival bible 'The Scotsman' include Australian comic (and HuffPost UK blogger) Felicity Ward, Chortle’s Best Newcomer 2012, Pat Cahill, sketch trio Jigsaw and the winner of last year's So You Think You're Funny? award, Aisling Bea.

Bea and Cahill also feature in Time Out's Top 10 Newcomers list, along with 'Austentatious' star and musical funny person Rachel Parris. Time Out has also rounded up its Top 10 International Acts (who include big-name Americans Bo Burnham and Tig Notaro), Top 10 Free Fringe Shows and Top 10 Big Names And Festival Favourites. Its choices for the latter include veteran comedy producer - but stand-up newcomer - John Lloyd, TV/radio favourite Adam Buxton and 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees James Acaster, Claudia O'Doherty and Tony Law.

The Guardian also chooses Notaro and Burnham for its selection, along with Bridget Christie, Pajama Men, Thrice, Humza Arshad, Will Franken and Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans' Sunday Assembly. The Independent's top three festival comedy picks, meanwhile, are Felicity Ward, her fellow Aussie Josh Thomas and David Baddiel - whose 'Fame: Not the Musical' is his first full Edinburgh show in 15 years.

Comedy website Such Small Portions is also producing lists of Edinburgh ones-to-watch - including, thus far, the Ten Best Debut Hours (again, Cahill, Bea and Parris feature) and Five Acts On The Up: Jessie Cave and Jenny Bede, Fin Taylor, Tommy Holgate, Kieron Hodgson and One Of Us Might Be Famous - a show starring three of four featured comics every night.

And if you're heading up to Edinburgh, you could do worse than purchasing a copy of Such Small Portions' Secret Edinburgh guidebook, which is full of tips from over 160 comedians. Hopefully one of them is 'get an hour of sleep whenever you can'. Because there's an awful lot of shows to pack in when you're awake...

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs 2-26 August. You can book tickets for all the shows mentioned above - and more - on its official website.

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  • The Fringe starts here - official!

  • This sort of thing is perfectly normal on the Royal Mile right now.

  • is this...

  • ...and this.

  • Thought Julian Assange was safely holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy? Think again...

  • And the award for Best Lighting In A Fringe Venue Bar goes to... The Underbelly Cowgate!

  • They also win the Most Imaginative Form Of Signage award, too.

  • Unfortunately, we haven't got round to asking him yet.

  • Only in Edinburgh. On a former church.

  • Some lampposts (and posters) have seen better days. Well, it is the last week of the Fringe.

  • No, readers, we didn't.

  • Again, perfectly normal Royal Mile behaviour.

  • It's 'Wind In The Willows', in case you were wondering.

  • Well, it beats 'Golf Sale'.

  • And THAT'S how you hand out flyers with style.

  • Imaginative marketing for The Boy With Tape On His Face, aimed at giants.

  • What is it? We're afraid we can't tell you. Because it's hidden. Sort of.

  • And no, that 'hidden gem' isn't the castle.

  • The main BBC venue at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is very large, and very blue.

  • Although there is also a pink tent, if you prefer...

  • ...and a table tennis table!

  • Inside the blue venue you saw earlier. We told you it was big.

  • Waiting to see a show at the Voodoo Lounge - possibly the coolest venue entrance. Especially at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

  • Even MacDonald's has got into the Fringe spirit!

  • The best beer mat ever - and a nice Fringe show marketing ploy.

  • Where to find a show at The Pleasance.

  • Show posters - now with added stars.

  • Not the Battersea Power Station, but the Underbelly venue.

  • The Gilded Balloon - pretty in pink (and purple).

  • The Assembly - lit up like a Christmas tree. (Includes mini Christmas trees)

  • Audiences are down - but there are still queues. Very long queues.

  • Need a ride?

  • Every space is covered.

  • No, really.

  • Proof that it doesn't always rain in Edinburgh: sunshine on The Meadows...

  • ...where performers like to chill out.

  • The reviews board at the Underbelly.

  • Has Richard Herring's cock ever been so big?

  • The Pleasance Courtyard - still a festival focal-point...

  • ...and still one of the prettiest venues.

  • Although if you prefer Magners to Foster's, head to the Underbelly.

  • Avalon Comedy's 'street team' of flyers are now, wisely, equipped with umbrellas.

  • Star ratings - more important than show titles...

  • ...and sometimes more important than the entire poster.

  • The giant inflatable cow that IS the Underbelly.

  • We told you it was giant.

  • You saw the Underbelly show - now buy the sweatshirt!

  • Lights! No cameras! Action!

  • Yeah - what ABOUT a Fat Stag Burger?

  • The Pimms man is happy, despite rain affecting sales.

  • The Pleasance courtyard by night.