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Hubble Pictures Vast 'Spiral Of Doom' 90 Light Years From Earth

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The Hubble Space Telescope has taken a remarkable new picture of a distant galaxy - and for obvious reasons, as you'll see below, it's been nicknamed the 'Spiral of Doom'.

Only, it's not really a spiral.

The Nasa and the European Space Agency observatory captured the image of the NGC 524 galaxy, which is located in the constellation Pisces about 90 million light-years from Earth.

ncg 524

Above: NGC 524

Because the galaxy happens to be 'face-on' to the Earth, it's possible to see the entire top plan of the whirlpool of stars.

As a 'lenticular' galaxy, NGC 524 is neither a spiral or an elliptical shape. Spiral galaxies are younger and produce billions of stars inside vast pin-wheel arms. NGC 524 has instead passed into its 'intermediate' stage, where much of its gas 'fuel' has been depleted or flung into space and what remains is a bright disk of older, red stars.

Take a look at the amazing picture, above, and more incredible space images, below.

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