A-Levels: 5 Teen Tycoons Who Made Millions Without Them

16/08/2013 16:41 | Updated 14 August 2014

A-Level results day has dawned for thousands of students as they find out if they're off to the university they had been hoping for.

What about those students who do not get the grades they wanted? There is still hope, as many people have succeeded in business without perfect grades, or any A-levels at all.

From Virgin boss Richard Branson to Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne, many business figures have made millions without needing A-levels.

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Some may be sceptical as businesspeople like Bannatyne are all over 40 years old. But the baby-boomer generation isn't the only ones to have business potential.

HuffPost presents five British teens who made their first million in business without needing any A-levels.

  • Dominic McVey
    Dominic, a Londoner, made millions when he began buying in scooters from the United States to sell in England at the age of 13. He later made his first million at the age of 15. An accidental typo while searching for Visa led to him stumbling across Viza, which sold scooters. Unable to afford one, McVey contacted the company and offered to sell their scooters in the UK. Viza agreed to send him 5 scooters and offer a sixth one for free, if he sold the rest. McVey managed to sell the scooters to his friends and later on was selling thousands per week. By the time he was 15, Dominic became a millionaire and nowadays he has an estimated £10 million fortune.
  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin, from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, started his entrepreneurial career running his own nightclub at 15 - when he wasn't even allowed onto the premises after 9pm. (A relative let him manage it). Later on, while still at school, he forged a career in the property business and earned his first million at 17. After taking out a box-out advert in the local paper (listing his mobile number under the title “Gary buys houses”), Martin was deluged with responses. By the age of 18, Martin had built up a company to the value of $20m, as was offered to him by an American firm.
  • Adam Hildreth
    At the age of 14, Hildreth banded together with six friends to launch the social network 'Dubit', which shot up to become one of biggest teen sites in the UK. By 2004, Hildreth was worth reportedly £2 million as the site took off. Nowadays, he is estimated to be worth a cool £25 million.
  • Nick D'Aloisio
    17-year old tech whizz Nick D'Aloisio developed a mobile app, Summly, which summarizes news articles for mobile devices, which was snapped up by Yahoo for a $30 million. This makes him one of the youngest self-made millionaires on record, with all this achieved without any A-levels.
  • Fraser Doherty
    Ever thought you could make millions with jam? Scottish business prodigy Fraser Doherty will surprise you. Taught jam-making by his grandmother when 14, the Edinburgh lad started producing jam and selling it in his local area. He left school at 16 to focus full time on jam-selling, under the label 'Super Jam'. In 2007, Doherty started supplying to 184 Waitrose stores and now supplies to many more. Nowadays, he is worth over £1.2 million.
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