Arsenal Fan Angry At Arsène Wenger After Aston Villa Loss (VIDEO)

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The internet is highly culpable in the rise of imbecilic football supporters but it also allows the sensible minority to have their say, and one Arsenal fan could not fail to be heard after their defeat to Aston Villa on Saturday.

"What you saw there was the result of total incompetence by the board and the manager," says the Angry Frank impressionist. "And the message to the board is either shape up or get out."

Complete with finger-pointing and passion, he is congratulated by empathetic supporters outside the Emirates Stadium.

"I've had e-f*****g-nough," he concludes.

The video already has over 300,000 views on YouTube, however the zenith of the angry Arsenal fan remains one man's reaction to their capitulation at Newcastle in 2011.

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