The phrase "student housing" traditionally conjures up images of mice droppings, cramped bedrooms and scummy bathrooms - but not with this lot.

Here, you can live like a king (or queen), as long as you don't mind flashing the cash.

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  • Roland House, South Kensington

    The "fully serviced" flats come with a gym, porter, cleaner, linen supplies and a spa. But you'll be paying more than £20k a year for the privilege..

  • The Domain at Columbia

    Ok, it's not in the UK but we HAD to include this. Situated in Columbia, Missouri, <a href="" target="_blank">this "student" accommodation</a> includes a clubhouse, swimming pool AND volleyball court. Don't ever say the Americans don't go all out.

  • Alnwick Castle

    Fancy staying in a castle while you study? Well, you can with the <a href="" target="_blank">St Cloud State British studies program</a>, which is available to American students.. although we don't promise it'll be cheap.

  • Christ Church College - Oxford

    Or, more famously known as the Dining Hall at Hogwarts. Yes, you really can pretend to be Harry Potter.

  • The Cathedral, Bristol

    The Grade II listed building has been converted into studios and twin bedrooms, complete with a cinema room and on-site gym.

  • 'State of the Art', West Hampstead

    It's designed by award-winning architects and boasts landscape gardens, cinema room and a "dedicated games area" this puts pretty much every other student housing to shame. However <a href="" target="_blank">prices do start from nearly £700 a month for the cheapest shared room... </a>

  • Nido, King's Cross

    Sky lounge cafe, reception, housekeeping, outdoor courtyards and screening rooms - the <a href="" target="_blank">student accommodation at King's Cross </a>and Spitalfields is offering this and more. At er, only £269 a week, it's a bargain.. isn't it?!

  • iQ, Shoreditch

    With views like this you know it's not gonna be cheap - and you'd be right. Rooms cost <a href="" target="_blank">up to £350 per week</a>. But they <em>are</em> nice views...

  • The New School - New York, NY

    Be prepared to cough up $21,220 for a single room at The Stuyvesant Park Residence in New York, according to <a href="" target="_blank">Campus Grotto.</a> And it doesn't even look that great!

  • Queen's Court, Fordham, New York

    It does look pretty nice.. but then again it <a href="" target="_blank">does cost more than $16k.</a> Upside: "The tight-knit community turns neighbours into friends" Downside: No alcohol. No drugs.