From 'Family Fortunes' to 'Wheel Of Fortune', TV game shows really do shed a light on humans... in all our flawed glory.

So why not click play, sit back and enjoy this wonderful collection of contenders for Private Eye's 'Dumb Britain' (or more precisely: 'Dumb America').

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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  • "Schlong"

    In the contestants' defence, at least they didn't come up with this answer - <em>the American public did</em>. And the only thing funnier than that? The fact that the studio audience of <em>Family Feud</em> have to shout it out loud. Titter!

  • Countdown w**ker

    This isn't the first time the six-letter W-word has come up on <em>Countdown</em>, of course. But it's the first time a) it's come up this year, and b) new host Nick 'The Apprentice' Hewer has had to deal with it.

  • Wheel Of F****

    If you were on <em>Wheel Of Fortune</em>, would you try to sneakily say "F**k 'em"? Because this contestant did. High-five!

  • Naughty Mr Chips

    Not the follow-up to <em>Goodbye, Mr Chips</em>, but a particularly memorable moment of animation-induced hilarity in <em>Catchphrase</em>. If you can tolerate Roy Walker's uncomfortable laughter, of course.

  • University Challenged

    In which student Bright from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology doesn't live up to his name.

  • "In the ass"

    As in a round of <em>Jeopardy</em>: if "In the ass" was the answer - what do you think the question was? This 1977 clip from <em>The Newlywed Game</em> (America's version of <em>Mr And Mrs</em>) went down in history - although it never made it to air until many years later, <a href="" target="_hplink">as host Bob Eubank explains</a>.

  • Which part of you is bigger?

    Men: you may not know how women's minds work. But as this <em>Family Feud</em> contestant proves, we know how <em>yours</em> do.

  • Richard Whiteley's erection

    RIP dear Richard Whiteley. You shall forever be remembered for your awkward pauses, <a href="" target="_hplink">your ferret attack</a>, and your diginity in the face of saying naughty words.

  • Carol Vorderman's orgasm

    We can't be exactly sure, but as you can tell by her outfit, hairstyle and response to the letters she's turning over, we <em>think</em> this is the moment Carol Vorderman became Officially Saucy. Sadly the clip above ends too soon - <a href="" target="_hplink">watch the full (non-embeddable) version on YouTube here</a>.

  • South Park: Randy says the N-word

    And finally: the hilarious, pivotal moment in <em>South Park</em>'s episode <em><a href="" target="_hplink">With Apologies To Jesse Jackson</a></em>, in which Stan's dad shocks an entire nation on <em>Wheel Of Fortune</em>.