So, we all know we're supposed to stand out when we're applying for jobs, but, well, perhaps not this much..

This My Little Pony themed CV blows everything out of the water. But is it the work of the least employable horse human being to ever have walked/worked this earth? Or is it the work of a genius?

Sadly, we'll probably never find out. But we can most definitely still enjoy it.


my little pony resume

Discovered via Dorkly.

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  • Nic Cage Resume

    Even a diehard Nicolas Cage fan would be startled by that photo.

  • Martin Scoresissers?

    Don't forget his important role as "Street Gosser" in "911."

  • Hello? Yes, This Is Chimp

    "Awwww Nooooo!" - Employer

  • Eric Knows What Is Up

    What really sets him above the rest is that his "horse-like laugh" is optional.

  • What A Difference A Letter Makes

    Spellcheck can't catch everything.

  • Roanald FTW

    "Need my resume? Nope. Not when you got my FACTS!"

  • Hire My Smile

    The italicizing of <em>to die for</em> was a <em>nice touch.</em>

  • NSFW Cover Letter

    Well, that's one way to make an impression.

  • Nefarious Dude

    Sometimes you have to explain the holes in your career path.

  • He Donated His Pulitzer Prize To Charity

    To be fair, we are taught to embellish a little.

  • "Professional Genious"

    Forget about the job, but we are interested in hearing a punk band called The Bob Sagets.

  • Proud Tim Hortian Employee

    If he wasn't in high school we'd be more worried.

  • Charts!

    This is for a restaurant job.

  • NSFW Mike "Da-Bomb" Email

    "You want 'E-learning?' I'll make a new category called 'E-takin'youtoschoolSON."

  • Caps Lock Fan

    Was this written by that Nigerian prince who keeps emailing me?

  • Childish Sense Of Wonder

    This guy really knows how to sell himself.

  • Sounds Like A Really Great Guy

    48 <em>hours</em>?

  • Redundant Much?

    Looks like someone found a thesaurus.

  • The Employer's Turn

    We imagine the head of HR was not amused.

  • Summer Job? K Thnx Bye

    If eyebrow tweezing is one of your hobbies then you MIGHT have a problem.

  • Minimalist Cover Letter

    It is what it is.