Elon Musk Unveils 'Iron Man' Rocket Design Interface (VIDEO)

06/09/2013 08:05 | Updated 05 November 2013

As the billionaire mind behind the rebirth of electric cars, a company sending cargo missions to the Space Station and a potential super-train capable of 700-mph journeys in sealed tubes, Elon Musk is used to comparisons to Iron Man's Tony Stark.

But this makes that comparison more legitimate than ever.

Musk has unveiled his own 3D, 'air gesture' interface for designing space rockets. Using a Leap Motion controller and his own software, Musk has shown off a remarkably cool way of designing and altering parts using 'wavvy hands' motions rather than a traditional interface.

It's not quite holograms-in-the-air, cut-and-slice stuff yet. But its close. And more importantly, it looks really cool.

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