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Pay It Forward: What's The Nicest Thing Someone Has Done For You Lately? #HPkindness

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Every two weeks, we set aside some time to champion the nice things people have done for us. This could be from the stranger who held the door open to your loved one who made your day by cooking your favourite meal.

We'd love to hear from you so tell us your stories in the comments below, tweet us @HuffPoLifestyle or Facebook us here.


Francesco Wang
After not seeing my friend for almost 3 months, she cooked a huge, delicious meal for me.

Cathy Winston
My husband bought me an almond croissant, because he knows I like them.

Sara McCorquodale
For our first wedding anniversary, my husband learned origami to make me a card. Huge surprise!

This was sent over two tweets:

Kim Willis
The rush hour taxi driver who got me from Heathrow to Ally Pally in record time for Bjork gig, an then said I didn't need...

Kim Willis pay as 'I can see you've had a long day. Have a good night!'

Ian Allen
lady made us tea while we at a lengthy incident, another brought chocolates to the fire station after we helped her out

And from our reader comments:

Optimister said: "Got a flat tyre while out cycling. Didn't have repair gear (boy took it with him) as close enough to walk home if necessary. Got passed by another cylist going quickly in the other direction who caught the minutest glimpse of me through the hedge. I was on a bespoke cycle path and he was on the road. You guessed it 5 minutes later he reappeared, had worked out the likely problem and insisted he mend my flat using his own replacement tube. His logic was that I would do the same for him and others (and he is right)."

Ani-Me said: "This shout goes out to my wife who after being with me for 21 years (4 of which I have been unemployed after being made redundant) says every day she loves me and I make her laugh. She puts up with my depression and down days and always makes me feel wanted, needed and above all loved. If anyone deserves recognition for doing a nice thing its her... she does it EVERY DAY!!!"

Finally, our Facebook fans:




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