GTA 5: How Big Is Los Santos Compared To Real Cities? (PICTURE)

16/09/2013 14:44 BST | Updated 16/11/2013 10:12 GMT

How big is the map in GTA 5? Well, let's just say it's ridiculously big - like, bigger than all of Rockstar's previous games combined big.

But that's not enough for some Reddit users, who are clearly anxiously awaiting the arrival of their copies with feverish anticipation.

So now one such user has made a comparison map to show how big Los Santos is compared to real-world cities.

Now clearly it's not really a fair comparison - GTA shrinks down the space between places, buildings, city blocks and more to fit in more of what matters - space to run, drive and shoot things like a maniac. But it's still an interesting view of just how massive the world is: we can now compare GTA to real cities. That's not bad.