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McDonalds Threaten To Kick Students Out Over Using Cutlery During Civilised Candelit Dinner

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A pair of teenagers who attempted to instil some culture and civilisation to their McDonalds meal with cutlery, a tablecloth and candles were threatened with eviction by an irate member of staff.

Adam Welland and Cameron Ford decided to create some ambience in a Kingston branch of the fast food restaurant but were told they had to get out by a McDonalds worker. However, thanks to other supportive customers and bemused employees, the pair were granted permission to stay.


"We both just thought it would be hilarious to bring formal gear to such an informal place, and it developed from there," Welland told HuffPost UK. "I think we would definitely do it again, however not in the same place. For it to remain funny we would need variety in venue."

Adam Welland
It was just the standard knives and forks. Clearly we were planning to take over the whole of McDonald's, so they had to stop that

Friend William Peachey, who took the picture, added: "Just got banned from McDonalds. #worthit."

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are aware of the two customers who dined at our Kingston restaurant on Saturday night and are pleased that we were able to offer them an affordable treat.

“We are happy to provide plastic cutlery to those customers who request it. We ask that any items brought in by customers, such as cups or plates, are used responsibly and taken away with them after use.”

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