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EDL Leader Tommy Robinson 'Thrown Out Of Casino'

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Monday was a rough day for Tommy Robinson.

Not only was the EDL leader and a friend allegedly refused service in Selfridges but it also appears he was told to leave a casino due to his links to the right-wing group.


The tweet was later deleted from Twitter

Consequently, Robinson has been questioned on Twitter as to how he can afford to shop in upmarket department stores and visit casinos while simultaneously asking for donations to the 'EDL Legal Fund'.

jim macred
Tommy Robinson asks for donations for legal bills whilst wearing a rolex,shopping at Selfridges&visiting a casino! It's not funny you know

Andy Carrington
Working-class "hero" Tommy Robinson shops at , has an £850 Stone Island jacket & owns 7 properties. I'm so glad he represents me.

so tommy robinson would have us believe he lives on £200 a week for his family, but shops in selfridges & goes to the casino

This is ostensibly to raise money to cover the legal fees incurred after he was arrested along with co-leader, Kevin Carroll earlier this month.

Robinson said he only has 28 days to pay the costs or he faces being locked up.

Tommy Robinson EDL
To donate to the EDL Legal Fund so that we can take the case all the way or paypal

He also claims he can't pay the costs himself as the police have frozen his bank accounts and assets "for the last three years".

In a video (above) posted on YouTube he said: "They [the police] are putting me in a situation where they know I can't pay it.

"That's why I'm asking you. Look, I'd stick my hand in my pocket to see anyone walk around the biggest Sharia zone in Europe, let alone the leaders of the English Defence League."

"That's what all this is about."

Robinson has also claimed in the past he own seven properties.

Tommy Robinson EDL
I own 7 properties which are all rented out! Taxable income

Tommy Robinson EDL
I own 7 properties! Politely fuck off

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