First things first. When we say they shouldn't really exist we don't mean that we don't like the artists' music. In fact, many of them created some of our favourite hits of the '80s and '90s.

But we're not sure they really warrant a 'best of' album, given that these hits normally numbered in the single digits. And by 'single digits', we do of course mean one. Or occasionally two.

From 'The Best Of...' to 'The Very Best Of..', from 'The Collection' to the compilations named after their one hit (we're looking at you, 'The Power Of Love: The Best Of' Jennifer Rush), here are 20 dubious collections - and below, a playlist of hits so you can enjoy this trip down memory lane even more. Altogether now: "Am I living in a box/Am I living in a cardboard box..."

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  • Living In A Box

    Their hit: Living In A Box. Fun fact: The band never actually lived in a box. They lived in houses.

  • Haddaway

    His hit: What Is Love. Fun fact: Despite his name, Haddaway was not, in fact, a Geordie.

  • Indeep

    Their hit: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. Fun fact: The success of their 1982 hit led to compulsory first aid training for all DJs in New York City.

  • Jennifer Rush

    Her hit: The Power Of Love. Fun fact: The only thing bigger than Jennifer's hair were her shoulder pads.

  • Lipps, Inc.

    Their hit: Funkytown. Fun fact: Sadly, like Avalon and Shangri-La, Funkytown doesn't actually exist.

  • Marc Cohn

    His hit: Walking In Memphis. Fun fact: It is physically impossible to spend any time walking in Memphis without having this song in your head. (See also: winding your way down Baker Street.)

  • Tight Fit

    Their hits: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Fantasy Island. Fun fact: Tight Fit have never actually been to a jungle, or a fantasy island.

  • Vanilla Ice

    His hit: Ice Ice Baby. Fun fact: Ice Ice Baby's real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle but friends call him 'Rip'.

  • Kris Kross

    Their hit: Jump. Fun fact: Kris Kross named themselves after Kris Kristofferson.

  • Hue And Cry

    Their hits: Labour Of Love, Looking For Linda. Fun fact: Labour Of Love was a protest song about the policies of Thatcher's government; Looking For Linda was about the band's love of Linda McCartney meals.

  • Brother Beyond

    Their hits: The Harder I Try, Can You Keep A Secret. Fun fact: They weren't actually brothers.

  • Deee-Lite

    Their hit: Groove Is In The Heart. Fun fact: Groove Is In The Heart is scientifically proven to get all people aged 35-45 onto any dance floor.

  • Ray Parker Jr.

    His hit: Ghostbusters. Fun fact: When asked politely, any '80s child will do the 'Ghostbusters' walk for you.

  • Jane Wiedlin

    Her hit: Rush Hour. Fun fact: Jane Wiedlin was rarely caught in a rush hour, due to her love of lying in and working late.

  • Spin Doctors

    Their hit: Two Princes. Fun fact: The very fast line in this song is 'I know what a prince and lover ought to be'. Nobody in 1990 knew this.

  • Jona Lewie

    His hits: Stop The Cavalry, You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties Fun fact: By law, all British homes have to play 'Stop The Cavalry' at least once during the Christmas period.

  • Musical Youth

    Their hit: Pass The Dutchie. Fun fact: All '80s children were fooled into thinking a 'dutchie' was a type of bowl, when in fact it meant a joint.

  • Chesney Hawkes

    His hit: The One And Only. Fun fact: Duncan Jones likes to include this song in every film he makes. His next movie is the biopic of Chesney Hawkes.

  • Extreme

    Their hit: More Than Words. Fun fact: At least 5.6 million schoolgirls harmonised along to this in their bedrooms in 1991.

  • Bruce Willis

    His hit: Under The Boardwalk, Respect Yourself. Fun fact: Bruce Willis has never knowingly sung an original song.