35 Hilariously Awkward Politician-Children Encounters (PICTURES)

23/09/2013 16:20 | Updated 23 September 2013
david cameron children funny

They say you should never work with children or animals.

But if you happen to be a child (or animal), may we suggest you never work with politicians?

Because the only thing more awkward than a political photo-opportunity is a political photo-opportunity involving babies. Or teenagers. Or any age of child in between.

Yes, from past Prime Ministers to our present one, from Labour to the Lib Dems, here are just 35 examples of Hilariously Awkward Politician/Children Encounters...

  • 1
    Ed Miliband impressing these girls
  • 2
    Gordon Brown attempting to high-five a baby
  • 3
    David Cameron attempting to high-five these children, all at once
  • 4
    Nick Clegg trying to justify his pizza to these children
  • 5
    Mitt Romney making a baby cry
  • 6
    This baby, bemused by Tony Blair larking around
  • 7
    Yvette Cooper and Tessa Jowell fighting over a baby
  • 8
    David Miliband, squaring up to a baby
  • 9
    This little girl at a Gordon Brown event
  • 10
    This little boy in a kilt, enduring Alex Salmond
  • 11
    Nick Clegg formally shaking hands with a young boy
  • 12
    Nick Clegg formally shaking hands with a toddler
  • 13
    This baby ignoring Harriet Harman
  • 14
    This little girl ignoring Margaret Thatcher
  • 15
    Gordon Brown ignoring this baby
  • 16
    Barack Obama being confused by this baby
  • 17
    David Cameron playing football with these kids
  • 18
    David Miliband playing hard ball with a balloon
  • 19
    George Osborne being baffled by craft
  • 20
    David Cameron and Nick Clegg ignoring this boy
  • 21
    Tony Blair trying to making small talk with a baby
  • 22
    Gordon Brown looming over this baby
  • 23
    Alex Salmond in the 'naughty pen' at a playgroup
  • 24
    Bill Clinton holding this unimpressed baby
  • 25
    David Cameron trying to get down with these boys
  • 26
    David Cameron trying to engage with a baby that's more interested in the cameras
  • 27
    Ed Miliband playing ball
  • 28
    Hillary Clinton not 100% sure about holding this baby
  • 29
    These kids who are hugely impressed by David Cameron
  • 30
    Nick Clegg barging in on an art class
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