Mum Parodies The 'I Quit' Dance Video, Brilliantly (VIDEO)

03/10/2013 10:06

We've had Marina Shifrin's original video. And then her employers' response video. And now? Now it's the first 'I quit via an interpretive dance to Kanye West's 'Gone'' parody video - and it's great.

Yes, a tip of the hat to homeworking mother (and HuffPost blogger) Brenna Jennings for making the clip above.

"When I saw Marina's video the first thing I thought was that she reminded me of younger me," Jennings told HuffPost Parents. "And I wished I'd had the smarts and moves to quit my first horrible soul-sucking job the way she did (though back then we still faxed things, so it may not have been possible)."

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