'Poop Pills' Made From Faeces Help Cure Deadly Illness (VIDEO)

04/10/2013 11:32 | Updated 23 January 2014

Pills made from faecal matter - or 'poop pills' as they are more affectionately known - are successfully treating patients with a deadly disease, according to a Canadian doctor.

The serious illness clostridium difficile - or C. difficile - causes nausea, cramping and diarrohea, killing as many as 14,000 Americans per year.

But if the thought of popping pills made from poo makes you feel a bit nauseous, you're not alone.

Lead study author Thomas Louie, a professor of medicine at the University of Calgary in Canada says: "I think in some ways the 'ick' factor is something we got out of the schoolyard. It's really quite primordial, but we just need to get over it."

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