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#AskBG British Gas Twitter Q&A Goes As Well As Would Be Expected

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In a move described as both "brave"and "a terrible PR idea", British Gas decided to host a Twitter Q&A - on the same day it unveiled a 9.2% price hike.

Why? Presumably in an effort to generate the heat lost by people switching their boilers off as they tighten their purse strings across the country.

Suffice to say it went as well as you would expect.

Chris Martin
6 minutes until the biggest social media car crash in history starts

The company's customer service director, Bert Pijls, aka the man with a job no one would want even if they were facing a winter freezing to death, sat in his presumably comfortably heated office (he was only wearing a shirt) and took what was coming to him.

british gas

This Burt. We almost feel sorry for him. Almost...

There was the angry:
When my elderly relative dies from being unable to afford to heat their home. Will you dispose of the body?

Jane Crow
When the choice is between food, heat or a roof over your head which one would you choose?

The conspiratorial:

Lewis Edmonds
When is the next Cartel meeting?

Do you charge The Rolling Stones to use the word "Gas" repeatedly in Jumping Jack Flash?

The advice-seeking:

Paul Hanton
I can only fit 2 jumpers on at a time do you have any ideas how I could put more on ?

Swear Bear
Slugs! Salt or pellets?

And the beautifully absurd...

Charlie Lindlar
Would you rather one horse-sized price hike or a hundred duck-sized price hikes? (Someone had to)

Jane Crow
When the choice is between food, heat or a roof over your head which one would you choose?

Cockney Sam
What does it actually sound like, when doves cry?

And of course, there was the verdict:

Stephen Hull
Ban blood sports. End now.

James Ball
"Will you pass on the cost savings from firing your social media team to customers?"

Extra F Terrestrial
on a scale of one to completely bollocksed how do you think this twitter campaign has gone for you?

But what did Burt have to say? Well, he just ignored all the tough questions and waffled on about "investing", "wholesale costs" and... well "wholesale costs" came up a lot.

So what about the future for British Gas? What do you care, you'll have frozen to death by February...

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