#huffruss LIVE: Russell Brand In Conversation With The Huffington Post UK

18/10/2013 12:56 | Updated 06 November 2013

Russell Brand has been causing his unique variety of ripple with politicians and comedians alike over the last couple of weeks.

Brand sat down for a cosy chat with The Huffington Post UK Political Director Mehdi Hasan, and a live audience, to chew over the big issues of the day, and you can watch the whole thing, 'A Brand New Politics', right here.

Below, is the liveblog we ran, with the best pictures, quotes and tweets, as it happened.

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04/11/2013 20:59 GMT

We're all done here

Go home the lot of you.

We'll have more stories pictures, video, and the best behind-the-scenes gossip going up throughout the evening.

04/11/2013 20:58 GMT

Brand fans, a question..?

russell brand

Is this a new hand tattoo?

04/11/2013 20:57 GMT

Mehdi's final question - what is Russell's biggest regret, and what is he most proud of?

"I am happy in the moment. I am happy to be here and speak about things that I really care about. This is the best moment," Russell says.


"I do regret going to that Philip Green party."

04/11/2013 20:53 GMT

Meanwhile, on Twitter

04/11/2013 20:51 GMT

Would a huge global catastrophe be the catalyst for change?

We shouldn't have to wait for that, says Russell. The hospitals, the schools, are all in place, it's the philosophy that needs to change.

04/11/2013 20:48 GMT

Brand goes to lots of parties...

So when he goes to Topshop launch parties [as he did this year, a lady in the audience points out], does he question Philip Green about his ethics?

"I am not talking from outside the system," Brand admits. "I am not better or different than you. I have done terrible things in my life. i am a scumbag dirty drug addict. I have done nasty things in my life. and going to parties like that is one of the worst things I have done. And if I went there again, I would ask him."

He has a huge respect for UKUncut and Occupy, and disappointed they were caricatured as "crusties" and "hippies".

04/11/2013 20:41 GMT

We're taking questions from the floor now

Brand's talking about spiritual development, meditation and personal development.

"I've been following you for a while," says one guest. "And I have never heard you talk about class."

"I am British, you can't help realise class has been a divisive influence for a very long time. We are being turned against one another, for example, the EDL are worried about Muslims and immigrants, when there's nothing for people to worry about," Brand says.

"I would get less money under the utopian system I am describing, so I have nothing to lose from this. I am talking about the super rich global elites, who are not contributing to this country."

04/11/2013 20:31 GMT


Sorry, Russell says, he's in a relationship.

04/11/2013 20:30 GMT

Is Russell a sexist?

"I don't think I am a sexist. But my grandma, she was the loveliest person ever, but she was a racist.

"I know i have great love of proletariat linguists, so I do call people 'darling' and 'bird', but also things like 'mate'.

"If women think i am sexist, they are in a better position to judge, so I will have to say, if they think that, ooooo eeerr, I will work on that."

Candid stuff.

04/11/2013 20:28 GMT

Russell Brand on drugs

"I became an authority because I was a drug addict," Russell admits. "I am famous now and if I talk bullshit, I will be in the papers and if talk about important stuff, it will get in the papers.

"There are certain people like me, who have an illness can't take drugs or drink safely, they should remain abstinent, one day at a time. There's no point in making people criminals, if they are not very well.

"If you've ever been around drug addicts, you'll know they are fucking annoying and they are not doing for pleasure. They are doing it because they can't cope with being alive."

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