Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne fell out on Sunday night's 'X Factor', after the Irish judge brought the curtain down on Shelley Smith's time on the show.

Sharon's protégé was voted off by the panel after being placed in the bottom two for the second week running, along with boyband Kingsland Road, who lost Saturday night's Flash Vote.

Her emotional rendition of 'Stop!' failed to win over the judges who, all except for Sharon, opted to save Kingsland Road after the sing-off.

But it was not for lack of trying on Sharon's part. She clutched Walsh's head to her bosom and peppered his face with kisses - including a few smooches on the lips - while pleading with him to keep Shelley before he cast his deciding vote.

sharon osbourne louis walsh

Sharon's desperate kisses and pleas were not enough to save Shelley Smith

"Please, please, I'll do anything," Sharon suggested to laughter from the crowd.

To which Louis replied: "Sharon, you know I love you, but the act I'm sending home is Shelley."

Sharon then swapped seats with Gary Barlow to get away from Louis, saying she felt 'betrayed' by her pal.

However, Shelley - who celebrated her 35th birthday on Saturday - took the news better.

"I just want to say thank you to everybody at 'X Factor', because I've had the time of my life," she said.

sharon osbourne shelley smith

Sharon now only has one act left in the competition after Shelley Smith was voted off

Also on the show, singer Robin Thicke got the crowd in the mood with his chart-topper 'Blurred Lines', surrounded by an army of scantily clad women. However, the rendition was far less controversial than the now infamous version he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York in August alongside a twerking Miley Cyrus.

Fellow US pop star Katy Perry continued the entertainment, performing her single 'Roar' in a risque tiger outfit, just before the voting lines closed and sealed Shelley's fate.

The 'X Factor' continues next weekend with a 'Songs From The Movies' theme, where Lady Gaga and The Wanted will also be performing.


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  • Sam Bailey

    AGE: 35 LOCATION: Leicestershire OCCUPATION: Prison Officer </br> Sam works as a prison officer and lives in Leicestershire with her husband and their two young children Tommy and Brooke. When at work, Sam often finds herself singing when she is walking down the corridors. Previously, she has worked on cruise ships and has also performed at festivals. Having devoted the past few years to her family and her job, Sam feels that this is her time to pursue her dream and to do something for herself for once. Sam wowed the judges in her room audition with her rendition of Beyoncé’s Listen and lived up to her promise with a rousing arena and Bootcamp audition.

  • Hannah Barrett

    AGE: 17 LOCATION: South London OCCUPATION: Student, studying her A Levels </br> Music is something that has always been close to Hannah’s heart after she lost her father when she was only 9 years old: he was her musical inspiration and initially got her into music by introducing her to artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Lauren Hill and Anita Baker. For Hannah this competition is all about the music and soul, rather than the fame. She started singing in her local church and this is where people urged her to pursue a singing career as they all noticed her shining talent. At the moment, Hannah is studying for her A Levels and has a part time sales assistant job in Greggs the bakery. Hannah wowed the judges with her emotional rendition of Emeli Sande’s ‘Read All about It’ in her room audition. She currently lives in temporary accommodation for young adults following a difficult relationship with her mother at home. Since doing The X Factor Hannah feels as though the competition has brought her and her mother close together again and she hopes to go far in the competition.

  • Kingsland Road

    AGE: (left to right) Josh (20), Connor (19), Thompson (22), Matt (25), Jay (19) LOCATION: East London OCCUPATION: Connor (Bartender), Matt (Bartender), Jay (Waiter), Josh (Bartender), Thompson (Sales Assistant) </br> Despite the five boys having previously lived together in a cramped, shared house in East London where three of the boys shared one room and the other two shared another, the boys still feel as though they were ‘living the dream’. The boisterous, five best friends’ ultimate dream is to win The X Factor, take over America and then hopefully get their own bedrooms with bed-frames for their mattresses. They describe their music as ‘dirty feel good pop’ and the boys impressed in both their auditions, with Louis saying after their arena audition that it reminded him of when he saw Take That for the first time. In the lead up to Judges’ Houses, Kingsland found themselves rehearsing so much that they lost their jobs. The group cannot emphasise enough how this competition really is ‘all or nothing’ for them, especially as they have now lost their house and will be forced to go back to their respective homes and families if this doesn’t work out.

  • Abi Alton

    AGE: 19 LOCATION: Guisborough OCCUPATION: Morrison’s sales assistant </br> Abi feels doesn’t feel as though there a lot of opportunities in terms of music where she lives in the small town of Guisborough, so she has been doing some gigs at local venues in preparation for her audition. She knows last year’s X Factor winner James Arthur as a result of them both living in the same area and performing together at local gigs and jam nights. Abi lives at home with both her mum and dad and says that her dad is her number one fan who takes her everywhere; he is her ‘best mate’. At the moment, she works as a sales assistant in the food store Morrison’s but finds it really ‘boring’. Abi writes her own songs and also enjoys playing the guitar and piano. She wowed the judges at the arena audience with a self-penned song about heartbreak. During her arena audition Abi broke down after she sang about a boy who had broken her heart. The young couple have since reunited but an emotional Abi has continued to deliver sensitive and expressive performances which have captured the judges and audiences a-like.

  • Tamera Foster

    AGE: 16 LOCATION: Gravesend, Kent OCCUPATION: Was due to start college in September to study Musical Theatre </br> After originally being part of singing duo Silver Rock, the judges decided to split the two girls up in the room auditions and put both Tamera and Jerrie Dila in the girls’ category as they felt the girls had no chemistry together. The duo only met a short time prior to their audition and had only rehearsed twice together before they auditioned for the show. During her arena audition Tamera struggled to remember all the lyrics to the song, but still managed to wow the judges with her vocal range and with the support of a roaring crowd, she made it through to Bootcamp. At Bootcamp, Tamera fought for her place at Nicole’s Judge’s House in Antigua where she impressed both Nicole and guest mentor Mary J.Blige with her powerful voice. Tamera is 16 years old and lives with her mum and two siblings in Gravesend. Her dream is to be an international pop star and tour the world.

  • Sam Callaghan

    AGE: 19 LOCATION: Essex OCCUPATION: Barman </br> Essex charmer, Sam Callahan, works part time as a bar man in his local area, but his main focus has always been on music as that is where his passion lies. He attended Theatre School when he was younger and has also been part of various bands until deciding to go solo earlier this year. As he embarks on the live shows as a solo artist he knows that he has the backing of friends District 3 and Union J. Sam supported both X Factor bands on a number of gigs in Scotland and enjoyed a solo tour of schools up and down the country earlier this year. Not only is Sam a talented singer, but he also does acrobatics as a hobby in his spare time. He says that music is his life and his dream is to play gigs like Robbie Williams at Knebworth.

  • Lorna Simpson

    AGE: 26 LOCATION: South Norwood, London OCCUPATION: University student </br> Lorna believes that she has star quality and aspires to be as big as Mariah Carey and Beyonce. She dreams to sell millions of records and wants to show the world what she’s made of. Lorna currently goes to university and is studying business finance. Previously, when Lorna sang she had an alter ego that goes by the name of Luscious, allowing her to feel more confident on stage when she performed; however this time she is just being herself. She lived in Jamaica for two years and in 2010, where she took part in the islands, ‘Tasty Talent’ competition where she walked away with a grand prize of £8000.

  • Luke Friend

    AGE: 17 LOCATION: Devon OCCUPATION: Student </br> Music has always been an enormous part of Luke’s life. He has fluttered between part time jobs but has always made sure that he prioritises his gigging. He has a very distinctive look with his quirky style and dreadlocked hair which has remained unwashed for 9 months. To keep his look going strong Luke showers with a shower cap on and only washes his hair in the sea! His friends now nickname him Mogli from The Jungle Book and Nicole [Scherzinger] said that he is ‘a diamond in the rough’. Luke got a huge reaction at his arena audition, where Gary said ‘get used to it, this is your future.’ At judge’s houses, Luke sang Cannon Ball by Damian Rice which is an extremely emotional and meaningful song for him as he sang it to his grandpa before he passed away. His ultimate dream is to headline Glastonbury and play at Madison Square Gardens.

  • Miss Dynamix

    AGE: (Left to right) - Jeanette (21), Rielle (16), SeSe (22), LOCATION: SeSe (London), Jeanette (Romford Essex, originally from South Africa), Rielle (Manchester) OCCUPATION: SeSe (Full time mum), Jeanette (Beauty consultant), Rielle (Student) </br> Newly formed urban girl band Miss Dynamix originally auditioned separately. SeSe was part of the group Dynamix with two other fellow band members, and Jeanette and Rielle auditioned separately in the girls’ category. The judges saw something special in each of them and thought that they were far too talented to let slip from the competition, so Gary decided to put them together at the end of Bootcamp. Despite only being together for 8 hours, the girls blew the judges away in their Bootcamp audition with their rendition of We Found Love by Rhianna and they stole a seat from Tenors of Rock in the last stage of the competition. In preparation for the Judges’ Houses the girls all moved into SeSe’s house, even sharing a bed, and they all agreed that the transition from solo artists to a band has been ‘really easy and fun’ and they ‘laughed so much together’.

  • Nicholas McDonald

    AGE: 16 LOCATION: Motherwell OCCUPATION: Student </br> Nicholas has been singing since he was three years old. He gigs in local venues where his roadie dad loyally follows him around and helps him to set up. Nicholas spends the money that he earns on new equipment. He is from a quiet area in Scotland where there isn’t much room for opportunity in the music industry. Nicholas has waited all his life to audition for The X Factor and wants to give back to his parents after their constant support of his singing. Louis told him after his first audition he would have given his performance 10 out of 10. Nicholas is really enjoying the audition process and for now all he can think about is the live shows and not wanting to go home. Like most other boys Nicholas enjoys playing football.

  • Rough Copy

    AGE: (left-right) Kaz (24), Sterling (25) and Joey (27) LOCATION: Croydon OCCUPATION: Sterling (unemployed), Joey (Sales Assistant in New Look), Kaz (Carpenter) </br> Sterling, Joey and Kaz have been in band Rough Copy for five years after Kaz put them together. They now live together in a three bedroom house in Croydon where they rehearse and create music all day long. Rough Copy made it through to Judges’ Houses last year but had to pull out when Kaz was unable to travel due to visa issues. They re-entered the competition this year in the hope that Kaz’s visa issues could be resolved. However when it looked like they wouldn’t be sorted in time for this year’s Judges’ Houses, the group decided to continue as a duo with Kaz leaving the competition. Kaz was visibly emotional and proud when Sterling and Joey secured their seat and a place in Gary’s final 6 at Bootcamp. After winning a place in the live shows on the basis of their strong performance at Judges’ Houses as a duo, Gary felt that the band would be better if they were reunited as a three piece for live shows. Kazeem was recently told that he was being given a second chance to perform with the boys as a trio in the live shows much to his and his band-mates’ delight. As well pursuing their own dream of musical stardom, the boys also teach the art of music to underprivileged youngsters. Having grown up in difficult areas themselves, the boys hope to show young people that a better life can be achieved if they are prepared to work hard and follow their dreams.

  • Shelley Smith

    AGE: 34 LOCATION: Devon, Farringdon OCCUPATION: White van driver (delivers car parts) </br> Single mum Shelley lives in a small village in Devon with her seven year old daughter Madeline. She has been a van driver delivering car parts for 15 years and does various gigs at weddings and birthdays. She also does mini performances in her back garden for her daughter and all of her friends. Sadly, Shelley split from her fiancé last year, but since then has re-formed her image by losing weight, changing her hair style and ditching her glasses. Shelley made it to Bootcamp in both 2008 and 2012 and this year she wowed the judges and the audience in her arena audition getting a standing ovation from both. Shelley feels that the pressure is on for her to continue doing well, in order to change hers and her daughter’s life for the better.


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